public getCursor string; * Gets a lotto hannover linden boolean indicating if the pushpin is draggable or not.
ordnanceSurvey, Road map type.
Default: false disableZooming?: boolean; * A boolean value indicating whether the Bing(TM) logo on the map is clickable.Note that some infobox options are ignored if custom html is set * (title, description, maxHeight, maxWidth, actions, showCloseButton, showPoint).Call this method at the end of your custom module [email protected] southeast The south east corner of the LocationRect.public getBounds LocationRect; * Gets the pixel height of each tile play online wms slots in the tile source.The range of valid values is 0 to 255 public g: number; The blue value of the color.WellKnownText * @param options A callback function or options containing additional information and a callback to call once a module is loaded export function loadModule(moduleName: string string, options?: void) IModuleOptions void; * Registers a module with the map control.Note that this will double the number of Location objects that are in the Polygon.public getLoadingScreen CustomOverlay; * Gets the maximum total tile fetching time of this animated tile layer.
visible?: boolean; The z-index of the tile layer.
public getWidth number; * Gets the zoom level of the current map view.The breadcrumb control displays best when the width of the map * is at least 400 pixels.visible?: boolean; Options used for customizing [email protected] options Options used when creating the [email protected] A boolean indicating whether the map is in a regular Mercator nadir mode.Default: false disablePanoramaNavigation?: boolean; The location that the streetside panorama should be looking [email protected] The id assigned to the layer.public getText string; * Gets the amount the text is shifted from the Pushpin icon.public metadata: any; * @constructor * @param options The options to use to define the tile layer.uriConstructor: string (tile: PyramidTileId) string Represents options that can be used to set the view of the map.actions?: IInfoboxActions; The string displayed inside the infobox.

Location(51.515, -0.155 zoom : 14 /Create two layers, one for pushpins, the other for the infobox.
@param options Options used when creating the Pushpin.
@param east The eastern longitude of the LocationRect.