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bezirkskriegsmÜNZE, octagonal, iron, 20mm, U2-4.
Germany, jeton, ND laureate adult bust R, louis XIV ROY DE FR ET DE NAV / crowned arms of France, conrad lavffers rechen pfening, brass, 29mm, by Conrad Lauffer, 1637-68, cor, scs,.
Canada, vending machine test token, 1965 geese flying L, twenty five tokens 1965.C.M.
Mexico, yucatan, token, 1889 J in 5-point star, jose maria castro 1889 / lilly, SAN pedro chimay yucatan, plain edge, tiny hole at top, la roulette inna слушать copper-nickel, 26mm, all incuse design, R-Yuc72,.Argentina, countermarked coin, 1889 2 centavos c/m 29 obv., bronze, 30mm,.Ireland, dublin, halfpenny, 1792 monogram, camac kyan AND camac halfpenny / woman 7 stringed harp, incorporated BY ACT OF parliament, DH-44 poker hands 5 card draw poor.Mdliii, plain edge, silver, 35mm,.05g, Marker's Prize medal, supposed to have recipient name engraved on edge but there is no name, Eimer-29, Pingo-66a,.Germany, jeton, ND, bust L, fried.Pic policy, tokens medals terms: All subject prior sale. .
10, vulcanite, blue/black/blue, 21mm, R-Tpc98var., AU-Unc.
Lightly cleaned,.Great britain, countermarked coin rubbellose lotto brandenburg 1807 halfpenny 1807 2x c/m N in 14x3mm toothed incuse rectangle / 28mm, coin poor, edge damage, c/s.1960s-70s, pseudo Arabic legends, star at top, 2/3 of a sphere, cast iron, 11mm,.38g,.Jansen lorenz bierwirth johann KÜHL.Open mess / same, nickel plated brass, 21mm, C-KR2450a XF-AU.Fehm, iron, 20mm, U2-1.Chile, token, 1920 compania DE lotoronel, lota, vale POR 1/2 kilo DE carne / almacen No 2, lota alto, 1920, vulcanite, green/black/green, 31mm, R-Ccp33, AU-Unc.Italy, gettone telefonico IPM-7405 bronze, 24mm,.