Even the poker run new mannequin system that allows you to equip it with items, and players can just click on that to buy the display in sort of a fashion thing (though there is a fashion fair, which will be discussed with the gold saucer portion.
Don't need to troll a tool or have a friend online.
The crafters and gatherers coming together to rebuild last expansion's main city sounds amazing.
Company (guild) buffs, knowing how to unlock higher tier and work towards that, reputation, company currency.Every dungeon in the game being replayable with the level sync (also used via roulette) whenever you want.Works with all content.And not just lazy math boosts (Hard dungeons are also remade as opposed to just increasing the math Crafting (amazing gear from this Relics, Tomes, High End Tomes (The way WoW used to have currencies instead of so much RNG World Visit System (5.0.But those are on the level of - if not slightly more entertaining - than what Darkmoon faire has.They keep on updating old content, adding new stuff to it if needed, adding interactions and so forth, and there is plenty that even a long-time player doesn't even know about or hasn't dug their teeth into.Some of the "bingo" card systems mentioned earlier also work with this, as do mentor roulettes and Raid roulettes for additional tomes and currency to buy the second best gear available (on par with crafting) beyond high end raiding.These are mostly some of the old.All Old Raids still being relevant.Pretty sure I said crafting, but I'll emphasize that it provides good gear for every level.With every class having several hot bars full of actions that you actually do use most of the time.There are usually new content to indulge in as well, that also offer such things.
But now that we're up to 380ilvl it seems like you can blow through most ARR dungeons undersized in under 5 minutes.Easy gold saucer currency, but it's just basically a pet battle system with arenas and using potentially dozens of pets at once.Pretty much the same from ffviii.The list goes on and on and it's a matter of whether you like the simplistic WoW combat or a very stressful ffxiv combat system (depending on the class).The key thing I take from it mainly is that a lot of things feel like an accomplishment in this game.Resources, windows change every two hours.Crafting is vastly superior, has equipment, meta, story and is constantly updated with new things - and the gear crafted rivals raiding gear, even if it isn't BiS.

It's literally my job in ffxiv.