If your motherboard doesnt have an.2 PCIe slot, dont panic.
M.2 is a form factor for storage drives in computers thats all.
And dont forget to visit our Windows OS and Software forum for advice on installing Windows 10 or another operating system and software on your new.2 drive.
Youll install your new.2 drive by doing the reverse of what you just did.Be careful not to touch its gold connecting pins, as this can degrade the drives performance.NVMe protocol built into them.The next step is to identify the.2 slot on the motherboard.Preparation The first step is to completely shut down the notebook computer.Final Thoughts The points we outlined for selecting.2 drive for purchase are all you should need to make the right decision.There are a myriad.2 drives available on the market.On my asus ROG Motherboard (which I absolutely love the.2 interface was hidden under a plate used to keep the drive cool.
Put back the bottom panel of the chassis, and screw it all back together.
Start off by opening your system and locating the.2 PCIe slot.
Now lets get to the nuts and bolts of upgrading the.2 drive in a notebook.If your notebook already has.2 drive installed, you can look up the drive model, and then research that drive online.Experts in our forums are readily available to help you with any questions.Heres how to do it in Windows 10: A closer look at your SSD under Device Manager.If you feel like youre forcing something, stop.The drive will only fit one way, and cant be inserted upside down.After removal, put the panel and its screws in a safe place.How do you know what length drive your notebook supports?Product Line, allroundmarin poker 460 preis technologies Add-On Services.

Take the old.2 drive and place it in an anti-static bag.
Sata or PCI Express?