poke at someone

In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "poke" and "at." Don't you dare poke your finger at casino royal buchenau me like that!
To punch or attempt to punch someone or something.
Polish at rzeczownik, polish at przyimek, polish, więcej od, pozostałe hasła.See also: poke poke something at someone or something to jab or thrust something at someone or something.Don't poke that thing at me!I think she busted up her hand, too.Take a poke at (someone or something).He sat poking at the dead body with a stick.English, w słowniku polsko-angielskim znajdziesz Więcej tłumaczeń.(kogoś/czegoś) nabijać się z, podobne tłumaczenia, podobne polskie tłumaczenia dla słowa "to poke fun at" poke rzeczownik, polish to poke czasownik, polish fun rzeczownik.To use something to jab, push, or prod someone or something.
Stop poking at me!
To jab, push, or prod someone or something (with something).See also: poke poke at someone or something to thrust or jab at someone or something.To criticize, mock, or deride someone or something.Jessie got so drunk that she actually took a poke at the statue on Main Street.See also: poke, take take a poke at someone 1 hit or punch someone.Don't poke at that wasp's nestI don't want to get stung!You've got my attention, so stop poking at me already!He wouldn't quit mouthing off, so I went over and took a poke at him.I poked a stick at the raccoon to get it out from under the porch.Tłumaczenia i przykłady to poke fun at wyśmiewać się z to poke fun at volume_up nabijać się z czas.See also: poke, someone, take, link to this page: a a poke at someone /a.It might bite you.Poke at (someone or something).

Everyone in the media like to take a poke at the president's goofy hair and eccentric persona, but he actually has very sound political ideas if you look into the details of his plans.
Don't poke at the turtle.
The hunter poked his spear at the pig one more time and decided it was dead.