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Sorry if I havent got much to celebrate today.
I think you mean That feels more accurate.Posted 1 year ago with 37 notes reblog, anonymous whispered : I enjoyed our time together the slots games online for free kostenlos other day.I get the feeling well have plenty more garbage to deal with soon enough.Do you feel better?Posted 1 year ago with 56 notes via rochellenorlund1990 karai-will-cut-you zero spiel roulette nella reblog # at least shini is okay # and jones i guess So that went badly.Took me awhile to get there.That monster that Tiger Claw brought, he goes by the name of Kavaxas, he is a demodragon.I guess Ill be hanging around awhile to help out, because there is no way in hell that Im going to let Tigerclaw bring that monster back.I was talking about Shredder.They keep busy doing what theyve always been doingfighting gangs and weird mutants, playing games and eating pizza.Is is Raphael dating lady!
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I imagine its even worse for them.She can even pick up Raphael easily.You have my support,.Posted 1 year ago with 19 notes reblog masterdon80 sea hunter slot whispered : I'm just so glad that this nightmare is over.I know about him from the guys, and well deal with.The monster I was talking about wasnt Kavaxas.My lucks never been that good.Posted 1 year ago with 142 notes reblog Anonymous whispered : How things are going?I always thought of Casey as more of a booty call, but if girlfriend is what theyre calling it nowadays, more power to them.How about we make it more intersting this time?Posted 1 year ago with 23 notes reblog Anonymous whispered : I wish splinter was never killed by shredder posted 1 year ago with 44 notes reblog rochellenorlund1990 : karai-will-cut-you : So that went badly.As for Hattori Tatsu I wish it hadnt gone down that way.I think its cute the way they bicker like an old married couple.Shini and I join them when we can, but I have my own goals to take care of, and its still strange not to see father there.

Posted 1 year ago with 26 notes reblog, anonymous whispered : Karai did you know that Raphael has a girlfriend?