Priest, depending on their race, can bring a bit more mana to the table with Hymn of Hope.
Cast Blizzard if 3 targets are in range.
10/44/34 Clearcasting This is your spec of choice until you get some gear.Well use this erfahrungen mit lotto club net system in each tier of raid content to help choose gear.Cast Ice Lance with Fingers of Frost.0/5 Empowered Fireball: Allows online casino roulette trick kraak your fireball to scale even more with gear.Arcane mage becomes viable in TBC once you gain two pieces of tier 5, which gives Arcane Blast 20 increased damage and 20 increased mana cost.0/5 Clearcasting: This is the only spell your should care about in Arcane Trees tier.Invisibility takes one GCD to activate, and every second for the next (four/five?) seconds it reduces your threat by (25/20?).This spec leaves you with 4 points you can spend on AoE talents, see the AoE Section for more information.
This will let you get a free Shatter on a group of mobs.
Because this spell has.5s cast time, you can queue a spell after it without incurring GCD.Lets take the example of Arcane Explosion, with a base damage of 1000 and its its cap of 10,100.The extra charges should be spent either on large cooldowns like Comet Storm and Ray of Frost if you're not specced for Glacial Spike, and Glacial Spike if you are.You can use this to cast evocate, and swap to a weapon with large amounts of intellect to boost your return.If youre having trouble mage tanking Krosh, consider this talent.Arcane Talents 0/2 Arcane Subtlety: Two points in this talent are traditionally allocated in most spec builds, since its part of the standard Elitist Jerks deep fire build.This spell takes a moderate amount of mana.Spell haste only reduces GCD when used with a spell.Single Target Trinket Simulations, loading.Cast Ray of Frost.It, like all magic penetration, does nothing against the baseline magic resist bosses have that grant them a 1 chance to resist your spells when hit capped.The counterargument to this is that in real gameplay, fireblast uses entirely too much mana during a long fight, and more crucially it adds a positioning requirement to the fight, since fireblast has 15 yards less range than a fireball.Movement Management Managing movement is a fundamental skill shared by all the caster classes in World of Warcraft and the Mage class lends itself beautifully to dealing with high movement.Every monster has a table that keeps track of people hitting it, and how much threat they have.

Ignite is the mage version of this.